Free calls and Text messages to Japan

Verizon and AT&T are helping you to connect with loved ones in Japan by providing free calls and text messages through April 10, 2011.

Learn more

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Operation Santa needs your help!

In a time usually filled with sugar plums and holiday cheer, even our young children are increasingly aware of the difference between needs and wants. Instead of asking for high-end electronic games, gadgets or knick-knacks, a flood of heart-wrenching letters have been pouring in to Santa asking for the simplest necessities such as food, socks, and coats.

The US Postal Service has been lending a helping hand to Santa since 1912 with volunteer groups across the country. You can become one of Santa’s honorary elves this season by helping make holiday wishes come true. Visit the US Postal Service’s Operation Santa link to learn how.

Operation Santa

Together we can HEAL THE NATION!

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Press Release: Got Bragging Rights Receives A $15,000 Grant To Launch Heal The Nation By Helping Others

With overwhelming voter support from the public, Got Bragging Rights has now received one of only three Health grants worth $15,000 sponsored by Safeway and the Pepsi Refresh Project.

PRLog (Press Release)Dec 07, 2010 – Got Bragging Rights was awarded a $15,000 Health grant from Pepsi and Safeway to build an interactive website featuring positive stories of everyday heroes and role models, promote charitable causes nationwide, and encourage greater community engagement and volunteerism. The ultimate goal of Got Bragging Rights is to promote community and personal pride in a positive way.

To read the full press release, click here.

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Post your love of GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS!

Please help us by posting a comment for GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS on the link below.

We’re currently competing for a “Love a Local Business” grant sponsored by Intuit (the folks who brought us Quickbooks and Turbotax).

You’ll only have to comment ONCE between now and Dec 31st (but the sooner the better). For each NEW person who leaves a message, we’ll be placed into a random drawing for $25K. The more comments we have, the better our chances of winning!

Post your love here: click here


You can also TEXT in your message: Text “gbrfan” to 244326 and follow the prompts to leave your comment.

Your message can say anything you want – but we’re hoping you’ll leave a positive note to express your support of our goal to promote community and personal pride in a positive way.  Your note could help us bring more positive projects and rewards into your neighborhoods!

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It’s official!!

We’ve been confirmed!

Read the announcement: click here

We are the official grant recipients for $15K in the Pepsi-Safeway contest!! Thank you so much to all our supporters!!!  Your votes will help to kick off the Helping Others portal on the Heal the Nation site of

We’ll keep you updated on our progress…


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We’re finalists in the Safeway Contest!

THANK YOU VOTERS!!  You helped us to become finalists for the $15,000 grant to create our HEAL THE NATION – Helping Others portal on the GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS website!!

We are now in the phase of verification and review to determine eligibility for the grant.  Pepsi will announce all grantees by the end of Oct – I’ll send you the latest news as soon as I get it!!

It’s been a long haul since competing for the Pepsi-Refresh $50K grant back in June. Although we didn’t make it (finishing 12th for this month), we’ve gotten closer to winning than ever before!  At this time, we are taking a break from competing for this grant. We’re not sure if we will continue to compete in Nov or in future months, but we hope you’ll support us again if we ever do compete for a grant in the future.

Your efforts in the Pepsi-Refresh contest has had an incredibly powerful impact on the world. You’ve given GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS and our HEAL THE NATION cause a lot of exposure while spreading the word about voting. Due to your efforts in spreading awareness, we now have a sizable population of the public who are now familiar with our current grassroots efforts to bring positive change to the world. We also have local and national celebrities and many charitable organizations becoming more and more aware of our cause. As a result, they are wanting to help and asking to be involved!

Your phenomenal efforts have also helped so many of our past and present partners to win their grants. You’ve definitely GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS! In monetary terms, you’ve helped to secure a total of $1,395,000 in grants!! But far beyond the grant money, you’ve also helped countless people in so many ways.  Here are all the causes that you’ve helped over the past 4 months:


  • Mule Muscle (250K – Pepsi Refresh): Build a weight room for the Kicking Mules of Bedford High School
  • Harrison Skate Park (25K – Pepsi Refresh): Build a Plaza Style Skate Park in Harrison, AR


  • Keep the Kids on Stage (25K – Pepsi Refresh): Fund 50 performances by over 200 students
  • Waters Ecology (25K – Pepsi Refresh): Expand the Waters Ecology program and add a greenhouse to our garden which will allow us to extend the growing season and give our students a chance to interact with the garden throughout the school year.


  • Lake High School (500K – Kohl’s Cares School grants): Lake High School was devasted in a terrible tornado that ripped through the town. Your votes helped to win them the #1 spot for this grant!
  • Cure JM (250K – Pepsi Refresh): Fund research to find a cure for JM
  • Molly’s Adopt a Sailor (50K – Pepsi Refresh): Molly’s Adopt a Sailor is an idea that started with the expression of one mother’s love for her child.  Molly’s goal is simple: Ship care packages to our troops to show them we care.  Molly’s 100% volunteer force is comprised mostly of mothers whose children are in the military; the comfort they give these young men & women (so many of whom are still teens!) brings a mother’s love to harsh and distant soil.  With Molly’s big heart leading the way, our troops know they are loved form home, and, more importantly, they are reminded that they are NOT FORGOTTEN.
  • Gateway (50K – Pepsi Refresh): Theater Collaborative of Somers Point New Jersey is working hard to fill a large cultural void in their charming town.  Four years ago, the Gateway Playhouse (100 years old this year!) closed down due to lack of funding.  Since then, the community has been without a place to cultivate local talent and educate local children in the performing arts.  The Theater Collaborative, made up of professional performers, is inspired to help restore the playhouse and bring affordable, high-quality entertainment back to the region.
  • Beads of Courage (25K – Pepsi Refresh): Beads of Courage started with a nurse who decided giving stickers to children in cancer treatment wasn’t enough.  Children, she believed, should have more to show for what they endured each and every day in their courageous struggle to live.  Jean Baruch developed a method for children to RECORD, TELL, and OWN their stories of courage using (often handmade) glass beads.  Each bead is a symbol of courage, and each strand the beads make is a monument to the child’s strength.  Beads of Courage serves over 70 hospitals around the world and over 10,000 children battling with life-threatening disease.
  • Project Goodness (25K – Pepsi Refresh): PROJECT GOODNESS, created by Alli Seigel, offers free programs to schools, and teaches children that they can make a positive difference in our world.  PROJECT GOODNESS, celebrates the mantra “Every little bit counts,” by teaching children how to activate their innate goodness and instilling the values of selflessness and compassion.  Alli has spent many of her days working with children in places such as South America, as well as her native Los Angeles.  She is also the creator of
  • Monkey in my Chair (25K – Pepsi Refresh): Provide “Monkey In My Chair” kits to children that have cancer
  • Big Hearts (5K – Pepsi Refresh): For more than 15 years, the Gingerbread House Project at Loma Linda University Medical Center Children’s Hospital has brought joy and smiles to sick and terminally ill children.  Providing a much-needed distraction from hospital life, workshops are held where children celebrate creativity as they build and decorate their own gingerbread houses.  Children feel a sense of accomplishment and pride as all of their completed houses are displayed in the hospital lobby as a “gingerbread village” for all to see.

September (finalists):

  • Michigan PAWS (50K – Pepsi Refresh): P.A.W.S. of Michigan is dedicated to lowering the needless euthanasia of companion animals and to do this has begun efforts to open a low cost, high quality, high volume spay neuter clinic. Daily shelter work with a seemingly endless inflow of animals and a local euthanasia rate as high as 90% made us realize that we needed to take a proactive approach to the problem. These clinics are proven to be successful with over 70 clinics open across the country who have seen decreases in local euthanasia rates as high as 70%. Once open this clinic will save thousands of animal lives every year!
  • Redlands East Valley High School (25K – Pepsi Refresh): The REV Wildcat Sculpture Garden & Public Art project will invite students, teachers, and the community to experience artwork up-close on a daily basis around the campus. Neglected outdoor spaces on campus will be cleaned up and assessed for Public Art placement. An annual outdoor Community Festival of Arts will also be established complete with a Chalk Art Competition among area schools. The purchase of easels, awnings, and other reusable art equipment would guarantee art education for all for many more years.
  • Kids’ Co-op (25K – Pepsi Refresh): Kids’ Co-op is committed to enriching the lives of Las Vegas children and strengthening their families through its developmentally appropriate Preschool and Kindergarten programs, through parent education, and through community service. Kids’ Co-op is a joint effort of parents who govern the school, and the director and teachers, who oversee the educational programs. Parents at Kids’ Co-op learn to efficiently nurture social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development of their children.
  • Lay a Foundation (25K – Pepsi Refresh): Lay a Foundation of Fitness is aiming to stamp out childhood obesity in our community. So many kids lack physical activity and we want to provide the best opportunities in our community for kids to come and have fun exercising.  More and more fast food joints are going up and our foods are being packed with harmful ingredients to make them convenient so we need to do our part to help kids start healthy and stay that way.  The Pepsi Grant would help fund the ideas we have to give kids a fighting chance at being healthy for a lifetime.
  • GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS (15K – Pepsi Safeway): HEAL THE NATION by Helping Others: This grant will be used to create a portal on the site for people to share their concerns, questions and experience on issues they are facing (topics ranging from teaching and parenting tips to coping with cancer and the loss of loved ones). We also plan to provide information on charitable projects and funding resources on this site.  The idea is to reduce the emotional stress that comes along with the challenges we face today.

Please continue to vote for our partners in the Big 10 Alliance! Although we’re not competing hard this month, we can still support our partners. This group tried really hard to push us to a win last month. They also voted for our Safeway project and led us to a win in that contest. Please help our partners to bring home grants for their causes!!

Please also continue to help out a friend, Kerry Getz, a professional skater from Philly, by voting for his skate shop’s design to appear on the new Mountain Dew can. You only vote once a day and you might even win a prize for voting!  Kerry’s also building a skatepark for kids to use to keep them off the streets and out of trouble.  Video coming soon…sorry, this will go live towards the end of the month.

Use your Pepsi login and password and vote for the Northeast can design:

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out our featured artist, please watch Realest Reeken’s video shout out to GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS. Realest Reeken is a great hip hop artist with a great soul who focuses on spreading positive influence into the world!  He’s an inspirational role model!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, leave a comment, and share it with all your friends …you’ll get to see and promote all our upcoming artists!

4 ways to receive updates, chat and follow our progress!

    1. Sign up for a Facebook account (if you don’t already have one)
    2. Click the “Like” button
    1. @iveGBR (short for I’ve GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS!)
    2. You can also get updates via SMS by texting: “follow iveGBR” to 40404 in the US.
    1. Click on the subscription button to the right
    2. You’ll receive an email confirmation…please follow any instructions.
  4. SUBSCRIBE TO THE GBR YouTube Channel:
    1. Click on the subscription button at the GBR YouTube Channel
    2. You’ll receive updates on all our video uploads.
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Don’t give up!!

The competition’s getting tougher, but that just means we’ve got to push back harder!  To keep everyone safely in the winning spots in the Pepsi-Refresh contest (10 projects) and in the Pepsi-Safeway contest (our Helping Others project) before the month ends, we need YOUR votes and we need NEW VOTERS!!

Pepsi-Refresh Contest:

For the Pepsi-Refresh grant (the grant you’ve been voting for), we need to stay in the Top 10 of our grant level by Sept 30th, so please keep voting daily for GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS and ALL the Big-S10 partners!! There are 3 ways to vote. In addition to voting via the Pepsi website (Quick Link), if you are able to vote by Texting and through Facebook…you can vote 3x per project in one day!!  Please vote as many times as you can!  Every vote makes such a big difference!! We need each and every one of you!!!

MULTIPLY YOUR VOTES: Vote 3x using 3 WAYS TO VOTE each and every day!
(You can vote up to 3x for each project)

  1. For GBR, Text 100511 to Pepsi(73774) – see full text list below
  2. Vote by Quick Link – vote for all 10 projects – no comments necessary!
  3. Vote by Facebook – see note below

To vote using your Facebook login: First sign out after voting from the Quick Link, then go back to the Quick Link and sign in with your Facebook login by clicking the Facebook login button, complete your Facebook login and vote for all 10 projects!

To vote using the Facebook app: (Use this method if the method above gives you a “connection error”) Once you’re logged in and at the Facebook app, copy and paste the entire search string (in green) into the FB app search window to find and vote for all our partners.

coppola munter got.brag karrie skip.program Redlands.bowl Diannah paws.michigan massimiano

Texting info for all our partners: Text each Project ID Number to Pepsi at 73774. You’ll have to send 10 separate text messages, but you can “resend” them each day.  The number you’re texting to is 73774, and the “message” is one of the group numbers listed below (don’t include the name of the group).  TIP: You can send text reminders to your friends to vote for us and the other groups by texting.  One of our members is doing this with a lot of success.

  • 100511 – Got Bragging Rights
  • 100843 – POP!
  • 100847 – Skip Program
  • 102340 – Lynn Munter
  • 102320 – Redlands Bowl
  • 100505 – Studio 33
  • 100506 – PAWS of Michigan
  • 102048 – REVHS
  • 101377 – Foundation of Fitness
  • 100216 – Kids’ Co-op

Pepsi-Safeway Contest:

You’ll have a total of 3 votes per day (completely separate from the other votes for Pepsi Refresh projects, and you can just cast all 3 votes for our project). You use the same login email and password that you registered for the Pepsi Refresh voting. Click the link below, select “I already have an account” at the top of the sign in winder, follow the prompts to select your state, and “x” out the pop up windows to vote 3 times. Voting begins on Sept 15th and ends on Sept 30th: There are 100 projects and only the Top 3 projects win, so please vote every day!!

MULTIPLY YOUR VOTES: VOTE 3x using the same link each and every day!
(You can vote 3x for HEAL THE NATION by Helping Others)

Here’s the voting link: HEAL THE NATION – Helping Others

We plan to have experts and inspirational speakers contribute periodically to the conversation, but mainly it’ll be a site where like-minded people can come together to learn, comfort and heal.  We also plan to provide information on charitable projects and funding resources on this site.  The idea is to reduce the emotional stress that comes along with the challenges we face today.

Realest Reeken’s GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS!!

Realest Reeken is a talented artist with a great soul who focuses on spreading positive influence into the world!  He’s an inspirational role model! Check out his video shout out to GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS and the Big-S10 charity causes on the GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS video channel.

GBR video channel:

Subscribe to our video channel, share it with all your friends, and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!  Together we can HEAL THE NATION!!!

Return to the Got Bragging Rights website

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