Don’t give up!!

The competition’s getting tougher, but that just means we’ve got to push back harder!  To keep everyone safely in the winning spots in the Pepsi-Refresh contest (10 projects) and in the Pepsi-Safeway contest (our Helping Others project) before the month ends, we need YOUR votes and we need NEW VOTERS!!

Pepsi-Refresh Contest:

For the Pepsi-Refresh grant (the grant you’ve been voting for), we need to stay in the Top 10 of our grant level by Sept 30th, so please keep voting daily for GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS and ALL the Big-S10 partners!! There are 3 ways to vote. In addition to voting via the Pepsi website (Quick Link), if you are able to vote by Texting and through Facebook…you can vote 3x per project in one day!!  Please vote as many times as you can!  Every vote makes such a big difference!! We need each and every one of you!!!

MULTIPLY YOUR VOTES: Vote 3x using 3 WAYS TO VOTE each and every day!
(You can vote up to 3x for each project)

  1. For GBR, Text 100511 to Pepsi(73774) – see full text list below
  2. Vote by Quick Link – vote for all 10 projects – no comments necessary!
  3. Vote by Facebook – see note below

To vote using your Facebook login: First sign out after voting from the Quick Link, then go back to the Quick Link and sign in with your Facebook login by clicking the Facebook login button, complete your Facebook login and vote for all 10 projects!

To vote using the Facebook app: (Use this method if the method above gives you a “connection error”) Once you’re logged in and at the Facebook app, copy and paste the entire search string (in green) into the FB app search window to find and vote for all our partners.

coppola munter got.brag karrie skip.program Redlands.bowl Diannah paws.michigan massimiano

Texting info for all our partners: Text each Project ID Number to Pepsi at 73774. You’ll have to send 10 separate text messages, but you can “resend” them each day.  The number you’re texting to is 73774, and the “message” is one of the group numbers listed below (don’t include the name of the group).  TIP: You can send text reminders to your friends to vote for us and the other groups by texting.  One of our members is doing this with a lot of success.

  • 100511 – Got Bragging Rights
  • 100843 – POP!
  • 100847 – Skip Program
  • 102340 – Lynn Munter
  • 102320 – Redlands Bowl
  • 100505 – Studio 33
  • 100506 – PAWS of Michigan
  • 102048 – REVHS
  • 101377 – Foundation of Fitness
  • 100216 – Kids’ Co-op

Pepsi-Safeway Contest:

You’ll have a total of 3 votes per day (completely separate from the other votes for Pepsi Refresh projects, and you can just cast all 3 votes for our project). You use the same login email and password that you registered for the Pepsi Refresh voting. Click the link below, select “I already have an account” at the top of the sign in winder, follow the prompts to select your state, and “x” out the pop up windows to vote 3 times. Voting begins on Sept 15th and ends on Sept 30th: There are 100 projects and only the Top 3 projects win, so please vote every day!!

MULTIPLY YOUR VOTES: VOTE 3x using the same link each and every day!
(You can vote 3x for HEAL THE NATION by Helping Others)

Here’s the voting link: HEAL THE NATION – Helping Others

We plan to have experts and inspirational speakers contribute periodically to the conversation, but mainly it’ll be a site where like-minded people can come together to learn, comfort and heal.  We also plan to provide information on charitable projects and funding resources on this site.  The idea is to reduce the emotional stress that comes along with the challenges we face today.

Realest Reeken’s GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS!!

Realest Reeken is a talented artist with a great soul who focuses on spreading positive influence into the world!  He’s an inspirational role model! Check out his video shout out to GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS and the Big-S10 charity causes on the GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS video channel.

GBR video channel:

Subscribe to our video channel, share it with all your friends, and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!  Together we can HEAL THE NATION!!!

Return to the Got Bragging Rights website

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