Support all these Big-10 charitable causes for September!!!

Here are all the charitable projects that need YOUR votes every day in September! All it takes is the click of your finger (and your thumbs to multiply your votes) to help HEAL THE NATION!!!

Vote for all 10 projects 3x a day:

  1. For GBR, Text 100511 to Pepsi(73774) – see full text list below
  2. Vote by Quick Link – just click on the voting buttons for all our partners!
  3. Vote by Facebook app – see note below

Once you’re logged in and at the Facebook app, copy and paste the entire search string (in green) into the FB app search window to find and vote for all our partners.

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GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS: Text 100511 to 73774

GBR is determined to HEAL THE NATION through positive action. Hit by a string of personal tragedies and recognizing the increasing negativity in our lives today, Keala Tyler (GBR founder) became determined to bring back the balance in our lives. To celebrate the great things that people are doing and to promote more positive influence in the world, GBR is creating a rewards & recognition program for student role models who have been inspirational in their efforts to improve themselves, their community or the lives of others.

POP!: Text 100843 to 73774

POP! (Performing Arts Outreach Program) focuses on helping and empowering at-risk children in desperate need. Using a curriculum that enforces core life lessons through the arts, POP! teachers reinforce respect, self-efficacy, and responsibility. Dr. Nancy Coppola has been working with at-risk-youth for 5 years, and through the POP! program teaches our younger generation that they have the power to take the future into their own hands. POP!’s goal is to change the world view of our children into one of HOPE.

SKIP PROGRAM: Text 100847 to 73774

The idea of The Skip Program grew out of a family tragedy, and Lisa Johnson knew she had to do something to keep her Uncle’s spirit alive and celebrate his life. Skip was an avid sports fan, and Lisa knew that the inheritance left to her by her Grandmother would be well spent on creating a program that gives underprivileged children the opportunity to play sports and participate in community activities. Lisa is following in her Grandmother’s footsteps, making a positive difference in her community, by helping make the dreams of underprivileged children come true.

LAY A FOUNDATION OF FITNESS: Text 101377 to 73774

Lay a Foundation of Fitness is aiming to stamp out childhood obesity in our community.  So many kids lack physical activity and we want to provide the best opportunities in our community for kids to come and have fun exercising.  More and more fast food joints are going up and our foods are being packed with harmful ingredients to make them convenient so we need to do our part to help kids start healthy and stay that way.  The Pepsi Grant would help fund the ideas we have to give kids a fighting chance at being healthy for a lifetime.

KIDS’ CO-OP: Text 100216 to 73774

Kids’ Co-op is committed to enriching the lives of Las Vegas children and strengthening their families through its developmentally appropriate Preschool and Kindergarten programs, through parent education, and through community service. Kids’ Co-op is a joint effort of parents who govern the school, and the director and teachers, who oversee the educational programs. Parents at Kids’ Co-op learn to efficiently nurture social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development of their children.

Lynn Munter for Avalon: Text 102340 to 73774

Avalon Educational Institute is a multi-arts school bent on increasing the general credibility and accessibility of the arts to the overall community. As the world’s first Accountability-Based school, Avalon’s students, teachers, and administrative staff are all responsible for the maintenance and running of it’s completely volunteer-based programming. Lynn Munter, Avalon’s most active student volunteer, put forward this month’s Refresh project for Avalon in her continuing efforts to help the school and enhance her working knowledge of program administration and development.

STUDIO 33: Text 100505 to 73774

Studio 33 has developed a plan for a creative social enterprise that supports many worthy charities. The Studio Earth Initiative begins with a signature series line of jewelry that is uniquely paired with a nonprofit organization, produced, marketed and sold to offer a generous 30% of retail profit to the charity it supports. The project continues to evolve in phase two and three, unfolding a vision of a production art center that produces yet, another triple bottom line as the creative social enterprise embraces all craft mediums supporting community, artists and charitable causes worldwide.

P.A.W.S. OF MICHIGAN: Text 100506 to 73774
P.A.W.S. of Michigan is dedicated to lowering the needless euthanasia of companion animals and to do this has begun efforts to open a low cost, high quality, high volume spay neuter clinic. Daily shelter work with a seemingly endless inflow of animals and a local euthanasia rate as high as 90% made us realize that we needed to take a proactive approach to the problem. These clinics are proven to be successful with over 70 clinics open across the country who have seen decreases in local euthanasia rates as high as 70%. Once open this clinic will save thousands of animal lives every year!

REVHS: Text 102048 to 73774

The REV Wildcat Sculpture Garden & Public Art project will invite students, teachers, and the community to experience artwork up-close on a daily basis around the campus. Neglected outdoor spaces on campus will be cleaned up and assessed for Public Art placement. An annual outdoor Community Festival of Arts will also be established complete with a Chalk Art Competition among area schools. The purchase of easels, awnings, and other reusable art equipment would guarantee art education for all for many more years.

REDLANDS BOWL: Text 102320 to 73774

Redlands Bowl is host to the Summer Music Festival held each summer during the months of July and August.  This is a fine arts extravaganza with twice weekly performances of dance, drama, opera, ballet, orchestra and other musical productions.  The festival has been continuous for 87 years without an admission charge.  The festival is made possible by strong community involvement, patrons, local business sponsors, endowments and grants.   The festival brings high quality performances to all in the region without regard to economic, social, ethnic or religious position.

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