HELP!!! We’re slipping back again!!!!

We need your votes!!! For ALL our partners!!  Please give it an extra push to get those votes out!!!

Today we’re introducing…Healthy Habits again! Please support each and every one of our partners every day!  Together, we can HEAL THE NATION!!

HEALTHY HABITS: Text 100214 to 73774

Healthy Habits Nutrition Tool offers a simplistic visual to encourage families to track their daily nutritional needs.  Chris Scapini, a loving mother of 3, developed the Healthy Habits Nutrition Tool so that her children could become independent and aware of healthier food choices.  By providing a tool that visually tracks food categories, water consumption and exercise, Chris hopes to help families everywhere create a healthier way of thinking.

GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS: Text 100511 to 73774

Got Bragging Rights is determined to Heal the Nation through positive action. Hit by a string of personal tragedies and overwhelmed by the increasing negativity in our lives today, Keala Tyler (GBR founder) realized that many of us have lost the balance in our lives. To remind ourselves of the great things that everyday people are doing and to bring positive influence back into focus, GBR is creating a rewards & recognition program for student role models who have been inspirational in their efforts to improve themselves, their community or the lives of others.  Everyone’s GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS…what’s yours?

This month’s competition is particularly rough, so we really need your help to find new voters!  Please find 10 new voters and ask them to find 10 new voters who can also find another 10…and so on…  You all have a strong network, so I know we can make this happen!  Please get the word out and recruit more voters!! Vote for GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS and our partners using all 3 ways described below.

Vote up to 3x a day!

  • For GBR, Text 100511 to Pepsi(73774) – see full text list below
  • Vote by Quick Link – no comments necessary!
  • Vote by Facebook app – see note below

Once you’re logged in and at the Facebook app, copy and paste the entire search string (in green) into the FB app search window to find and vote for all our partners at once:

Seigel “Give beads” coppola Gateway “care pkgs” gretna scapini “cole phelps” brag durbin

Here’s the texting info for GBR and all our partners:

  • 100511 – Got Bragging Rights
  • 100534 – Gateway
  • 100516 – Creswell
  • 100217 – Beads of Courage
  • 100847 – SKIP
  • 100521 – Adopt-a-Sailor
  • 100222 – Project Goodness
  • 100214 – Healthy Habits
  • 101128 – Durbin/Big Hearts
  • 100843 – POP!

Text each Project ID Number to Pepsi at 73774

We’re also supporting the Gulf projects.  You have an ADDITIONAL 10 votes for Pepsi’s Gulf projects.  Here are the projects that we support ….no need to leave comments for these projects!!!  They already know we support them!!!


AND we’ve partnered with this education project competing in a similar grant contest, the Pepsi-Safeway contest for $15K.  You’ll have a total of 3 votes per day (completely separate from the other votes for Pepsi Refresh and the Gulf projects, and you can vote more than once for any project).  You can use the same login email and password that you registered for the Pepsi Refresh voting:

  1. Waipahu High School –

Return to the Got Bragging Rights website:

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