A father’s love for his son: The back story

A friend shared this beautiful video of a father’s love and support for his paraplegic son. Being confined to a wheelchair doesn’t stop this father and son team from participating in the Iron Man triathlon.

We were so inspired by this touching video, that we also found Dick and Rick’s back story. If you thought that last video was a tear-jerker, you’ve got to watch this one. Love can work some amazing miracles!

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The joy of living a normal life: Mini horse gets a prosthetic leg

This little horse had a rough start in life. He was born without part of his leg and his original owners neglected him. He was seized and nursed back to health, but might have been euthanized if not for the love of a few remarkable people. See how he expresses his joy over receiving a prosthetic leg!


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Numerous pets were also hurt and missing in Japan

Amidst the destruction, one dog refuses to leave its hurt companion’s side. It’s a heartwarming look at the loyalty of our furry friends.

The video is in Japanese, but the picture speaks a thousand words. You don’t need to understand the reporter’s language to be touched by the video.

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Turning compassion into action helping Japan’s tsunami victims

After seeing the devastation in Japan, this remarkable 6 year old girl from Atlanta sells her artwork to help Japanese victims. Tuesday’s artwork can be viewed on eBay and all proceeds will go to the American Red Cross.

We’re impressed! And we think she’s GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS!!

Here’s a wonderful article about Tuesday and her art sale: click here

You can also donate just $5 to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund through LivingSocial.com and they will match your donation dollars – effectively DOUBLING YOUR DONATION through midnight PST tonight!

Or you can donate directly to the American Red Cross. This link will bring you to a page where you can choose from several worthy causes, including helping the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims.

Give a little to do something great!!

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Media helps families to connect and confirm that family members are alive after Japan’s tsunami disaster

Great news! Through social media outlets, some families are able to reconnect and confirm that loved ones have survived Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. Here are a few of the happy videos and links that we’ve found:

Social Media Helps Victims, Families Connect After Japan Disaster – kirotv.com

Social media helps Bay area connect to family in Japan – wtsp.com

Social media helps CT connect to Japan – wtnh.com


Here are a few of the rescue and reunion stories that we were able to find:


YouTube has also created a special “Missing Persons” channel to help loved ones connect. To read more about this, click here or visit Google’s link.

To contact loved ones in Japan, many phone companies are helping to make that happen by allowing wireless calls and texting (and some landline calls) to Japan to be made FREE OF CHARGE at least until April 10th, 2011. Contact your carrier to confirm that they are offering this service.

If you’ve got a great video or article link to share, please contact us by commenting on this article.

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Two survivors rescued after being trapped for 4 days under rubble in Japan

Sadly, the news of survivors have been few and far between…but every life saved is cause for celebration! Here is an article from March 15, 2011 reporting the rescue of 2 survivors.

Click here for article

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Donate to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund!!

Double the power of your donations: Donate $5.00 through livingsocial and they will match it for the next 2 days!

Visit this link to donate: click here

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